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 BioMedLib's "Who Is Publishing In My Domain" Registration 
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Put BioMedLib to work to monitor the biomedical literature for you.
The BML article-delivery keeps you updated on research published on the very same topic as your own article, so that you can stay afresh and ahead in your field.
We respect your privacy and do not sell or share your email address with anyone. You can un-subscribe at any time by simply clicking on the link we provide in the email.

Please review the information that is auto-filled, and edit if necessary. Also enter answers for the rest of the questions. Then submit the form. You can submit this form multiple times, each time for a different article.

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To find out your article's PMID, use a few words of its title and do a search on BioMedLib, then locate the PMID in the content of your article where it says "view PubMed record for the above article (PMID =...)".

Q5. * Your article's citation
To locate the complete and correct citation of your article, search its title on BioMedLib, and then BioMedLib will show you the full citation as well as other identifying information.
What is "citation"? It is the title of your article, plus authors' names, and the journal info, like in this example: Siadaty MS, Shu J, Knaus WA: Relemed: sentence-level search engine with relevance score for the MEDLINE database of biomedical articles. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak; 2007;7:1

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